- Alexandra Miu

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Life transition


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- Alexandra Miu

Life transition


About Me

MEet Your coach.

Hi, I am Alexandra and I help people navigate major life transitions so they can cultivate resilience, confidence and overcome any relationships issue that come up.

  • Certified Love, Relationships & Sexpert Coach.
  • Working with individuals who are going through major life transitions or struggling with relationship issues.
  • My coaching services are designed to help you gain clarity, confidence, and empowerment, so you can navigate any challenges with ease and grace.
  • ​Let's work together to transform your life and relationships for the better.
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 Speaker: In Person or Virtually 

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Coach/Trainer: Group or 1-on-1

Work With Me

My services.

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  • Accomplished: Teaching AI how to be self-sentient.
  • Awarded: Pulitzer Prize for achievements in Media.
  • Architected: Publishing Platforms for Entrepreneurs everywhere.


I offer valuable insights and engaging presentations that inspire and educate audiences

Group coaching

I provide a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can achieve personal growth through shared experiences and guidance

Virtual presenter

I create an interactive and immersive experience for audience that informs and captivates

1-on-1 coaching

Through my coaching services, I offer clients individualized attention and customized strategies to help them achieve their specific goals and overcome challenges in their lives

Work With Me

My services.

Expect a transformative experience, where you are empowered to overcome obstacles, maximize your potential, and achieve their desired outcomes with guidance and support from a dedicated and experienced coach

  • Accomplish: increased resilience, confidence, and adaptability in navigating major life transitions.
  • Enhance: communication skills and deeper emotional connections in your relationships with others.
  • Improve: self-awareness and clarity around your personal goals, values, and priorities.

Self Mastery


Through my 12 years+ of self-education, diverse life experiences, and constant desire to grow and develop, I have achieved a high level of self-mastery, which allows me to deeply understand myself and the world around me.


From past experiences that keep you stuck, lost or stop you from achieving your desired life.


Yourself or your life in your own image by becoming a high value self worth of the best in life.


Your potential, your worth and value so you can build more resilience and confidence.


Your passion for life and experiences that make you feel fully alive and get to experience more success in everything.

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Free Training

Develop Resilience,, Embrace Change, and Build Better Relationships

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EP03: My New Discovery



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